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Finster Forst

Do you believe in destiny?




Freedom Is Not Free -- Book Report of Animal Farm  

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Part Ⅰ Outline
Animal Farm is far more than a fiction. As one of the anti-utopia trilogy, it vividly illustrated a reasonably failed revolution by animals, which reflected nearly every aspect of  a nation that has gone through all these events. It is a fable, a prophecy, and a bell ringing for everyone who tries to reload such a tragedy.

Part Ⅱ Character
Orwell was talented enough to portrait a unique character within a couple of words, thus he created a dozen animals as followed--
Pigs are initiators of the rebellion and rulers of the animal farm, attributing to their cleverness and skills in management. Notwithstanding, every pig differs from each other. Major who died before the rebellion, was a dreamer and idealistic leader. Snowball acted as an excellent executor and an intellectual who was finally persecuted. Besides, Napoleon, a fierce male pig, was a pure dictator, while Squealer, just like his name, served as a brain-washer who said nothing about himself but the leader's remarks. These elites determined the development of the whole farm, reflecting the upper class in reality.
Strong and hard-working couldn't better describe the male horse Boxer, the most diligent animal in the farm. With the personal motto "I will work harder", he devoted all his strength to his leader, whether he was a human or a pig. Clover was a mother-like female horse while Mollie symbolized betrayers of the revolution who seek for property and status merely.
Beside pigs and horses, other animals also had a role to play. Sheep were branches of Squealer that endlessly repeated what Squealer asked them to. Dogs that were brought up by Napoleon secretly served as brutal enforcers, barking at every pagan and even tearing their throat if necessary. The only clear-minded observer might be Benjamin, an aged donkey who was rich in thought but poor in speech. The rest of animals, no exceptions, were fools that could be tricked once the lie was told a thousand times.
All animals above assembled a complete society just like what we are living in. Whatever the animals did, we are able to refer it to a certain event that really exists. 

Part Ⅲ Plot
Brief and simple as the story line is, Orwell gave every single event rich meanings. After reading the book, we may summarize the development of the story as followed:
These seemingly abrupt steps of the animal farm's transformations were described so natural that they occurred before you could realize anything wrong. Every single turn appeared to be apparent and reasonable. It was pig who led the rebellion, so pigs should be the rulers and enjoy trhe most luxury living and working conditions. It was Snowball who was the first betrayer(actually he was persecuted by Napoleon), so every destruction must have something to do with him, and every animal who committed his fault must have some links with him. It was the remark of the long live Napoleon that was conveyed by Squealer, so it was by no means wrong. Such ridiculous logic  might easily be corrected now, yet at a certain time, in a certain place, among certain people, the logic had dominated a nation or more for long.

Part Ⅳ Language
It is said that Orwell referred himself to the donkey Benjamin. I would agree this saying, for he left few comments about the events himself, but used detailed descriptions to reveal the evil things and reflect his attitudes. Through specific  portraits of animals' dialogues, movements and thoughts, Orwell's  ironic and thought-provoking words would make you fall into meditation about the reality in a new way.
The most remarkable paragraphs would be the Major's speech and the Seven Commandments. The former, aimed to wake the fools up and rebel, was so powerful and convincing that I nearly forgot it was delivered in an animal farm. The latter. similar to the Ten Commandments, was born with it a sense of sacred religion. Written in simple but serious words, it tried to convey a kind of dignity and authority of law. By and large, I would appreciate Orwell's outstanding writing skills and impressive language.

Part Ⅴ Thoughts
From my perspective, Animal Farm is a peculiar but genuine history. Though what it intended to hint was Soviet Union, it couldn't be denied that we Chinese can find dozens of things that resemble to those of SU. We indeed had a leader who was extremely great and seldom made mistakes(but had really made some serious mistakes),and worshiped him for a fairly long period of time; we indeed had gone through catastrophes like starvation caused by poor management instead of bad weather, and a frightening ten years when people exposed each others' crimes only to find that order and law no longer existed.
All these things convinced me of the fact that Orwell is an excellent prophet, hitting nearly everything that actually happened in a nation just near the country he reflected on. But I was sorrowful about this fact. If only my grand-grand parents and their fellows and leaders had been aware of the mistakes the SU had made, chances are that they would by no means undertake such tremendous disasters mentioned above. They shouldn't have detoured on the way towards socialism once they had acknowledged that it was a disobedience to the law of social development.
I must say that Orwell was only partly right, for our nation survived the disasters and our people are fighting for its prosperity in a much more rational way. But the bitter past shall never be forgotten, and the deadly sins shall never be forgiven. The transformation from democracy to dictatorship is a scar carved in the history, warning the new generations not to recommit the same error. 
Both the animals in the farm and the proles in a nation desire freedom, but they must be taught a principle that I thing Orwell tried to explain--Freedom is not free.
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